We are Ocean…

The Ocean is the foundation of all life, an extraordinary and largely unexplored place that is teeming with fascinatingly diverse plants and animals. Together with currents and natural systems, they shape our planet.

The Ocean provides us with food and facilitates pleasure, as well as livelihoods for millions, if not billions of people. The Ocean is restorative.
It calls, calms and connects us.

The Ocean is a major influence on our climate and on our weather patterns, and the microscopic plants that float with the currents produce over half of the oxygen we breathe.

Everyone, everywhere, is inextricably linked with and utterly dependent upon the existence of the Ocean. A healthy Ocean means a healthy planet.

We are the Ocean Conservation Trust

Over 20 years ago, a dynamic group of marine scientists, researchers, educators and divers came together to create a charity that would showcase some of the amazing habitats and animals found in a healthy and vibrant Ocean.

Then and now, the Ocean Conservation Trust team recognises that to many, the Ocean is out of sight and out of mind. The understanding of the current state of our Ocean’s health and of the impact our behaviour is having on it is limited.

The Ocean waters and the animals and habitats that live beneath the waves are under threat, and we are responsible. But we know that, if we work together, we can all be part of the solution, creating a healthier future for our Ocean.

Over the decades, we have delivered global Ocean conservation projects, connected millions of people with the Ocean and worked to protect many different species of animals and habitats – making the Ocean Conservation Trust a leader in people-focused conservation.

And we continue to act. Now is the time for us all to Think Ocean, because a healthy Ocean means a healthy planet, for all life.

How can you help?

There are many ways that you can get involved with the work we do. From donating to our cause to supporting our work in other ways, you can find out more in our ‘Get Involved’ section.

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