We have built a dedicated team of people from around the world, all with one thing in common, they love the Ocean

Our Chief Executive Officer

Roger Maslin

It’s my privilege to be the CEO of the Ocean Conservation Trust , to set the direction and steer the ship, but above all, to help everyone make as much of a positive difference as they can to our Ocean and enjoy themselves while doing so.

The Ocean conservation cause is very close to my heart.  The work we do on behaviour change and habitat restoration, combined with running UK’s largest Aquarium, which includes over 4,000 Ocean animals that don’t have a voice of their own – and, of course, the incredible team I have – all make it a pleasure to be a part of the Ocean Conservation Trust.

What I love about the Ocean is that it’s the foundation of life, yet we know so little about it and its infinite capacity to surprise, if we look after it.

Our Senior Management Team

Head of Conservation Education & Communications

Nicola Bridge

As a Conservation Biologist with many years of experience in both formal and informal environmental education and science communication, specifically linked to the Ocean environment, I’m passionate about delivering experiential learning in all aspects of the Trust’s educational work, ensuring that learning outcomes are key and that those interacting with us are always aware of their connection to the Ocean. I’m also responsible for our charitable outputs such as behaviour change campaigns and projects that help connect a variety of audiences to the Ocean, whether physically or virtually.

As well as working for the Ocean Conservation Trust, I hold the position of Chair of the Conservation Education Committee of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) – a role that sees me working with zoos and aquariums across Britain to ensure that quality conservation education is delivered at their collections. I am also the President of EMSEA (European Marine Science Educators) and use my skill set to drive Ocean Literacy across the UK and Europe.

My favourite things about the Ocean are that it can calm you down on a stressful day or give you energy when you need it. It reminds me of holidays and good times with friends and family. It connects all of us around the planet and it is the home to the most amazing and remarkable creatures. I just love to be beside water, I do think I have some kind of mermaid blood in me as being under it is just as great!

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Head of Operations

Drew Colenso

As Head of Operations, I am responsible for the delivery of our world-class aquarium facility, the National Marine Aquarium. This includes ensuring the highest possible welfare of all our animals, a safe, enjoyable and informative visit for our visitors and maintaining the income required to support our critically important charitable objectives.

I have always been passionate about our environment and working for the Ocean Conservation Trust has provided an ideal opportunity for me to utilise my skills, knowledge and drive to ensure my working life also supported my environmental ethics. After six and a half years, I am still as engaged and driven as I was on my first day.

Most scientific research looking for signs for life on other planets revolves around finding liquid water and shows humanity has an ever increasing respect for the role Earth’s water cycles has for all life on this planet. The ocean is fundamental to the water cycle, the food chain and the very oxygen we breathe: How can you not love it?

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HR Advisor

Clare Fardon

As HR Advisor for the Ocean Conservation Trust, I provide a full HR service to staff at the charity. I provide counsel and assistance to employees as well as support to managers on issues such as performance management, recruitment, staff development and compensation and benefits.

We have a very diverse range of roles at the charity and a wide variety of working patterns and practices which makes it interesting from an HR perspective!

I was initially drawn to work for the Ocean Conservation Trust because of all the amazing education and conservation work that is done here and can honestly say that I have never before worked with such a passionate and committed team of people. I love it!

With all the environmental issues facing the world, I feel very lucky to be working for an Ocean Conservation Charity which has a vision of a world supporting a healthy Ocean. Seeing the impact that we have with our education programmes and conservation projects is incredibly rewarding.

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Development Officer

Mark Parry

As a Development Officer it is my remit through working with everyone at the trust and external agencies to develop successful funding applications and deliver projects that facilitate the charitable objectives of the Ocean Conservation Trust. Behind every successful project there is a team effort and I feel very fortunate to work alongside so many passionate and knowledgeable professionals in Ocean Conservation. Starting with a concept and understanding how all at the trust can be a successful part of delivering that project I find hugely rewarding, I’m interested in developing and delivering applied Ocean conservation and education funded project with my colleagues that make a difference. My professional interest is in seagrass and bi-valve aquaculture, particularly the aspiration of large-scale seagrass restoration and the sustainable production of shellfish.

I am a surfer and a diver; I’ve witnessed first-hand how our Ocean environment has changed. Some of that change has been negative but much of it is positive. Over 30 years as a surfer I’ve seen our Oceans become more protected, water quality for recreational water use improve and our waters become cleaner places to swim and enjoy. I’ve witnessed many more people appreciate the healing qualities of our Ocean and take responsibility for safeguarding; I believe there is great hope for our Ocean when we find common ground. As a diver I’ve seen the interest in understanding our environment grow and the positives that has on protection. My remit as a Development Officer allows me to work with people and contribute to making our Ocean cleaner each day as well as satisfy a desire to understand.

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Our Habitat Restoration Team

Seagrass Cultivation Officer

Amelia Newman

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ReMEDIES Education Officer

Esther Farrant

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Our Public and Community Engagement Team

Public and Community Engagement Manager

Helen Gowans

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Public and Community Engagement Coordinator

Lottie Hawkins

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Public and Community Engagement Coordinator

Freyja Thompson

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Our Ocean Education Team

Schools Programme Manager

Stu Higgs

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Schools Officer

Karen Willcocks

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Our Animal Husbandry Team


Marcus Williams

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Assistant Curator

Emma Whittle

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Our Marketing and Communications Team

Marketing and Communications Manager

Olly Reed

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Our Aquarium & Operations Team

Hospitality Manager

Victoria Spurdle

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Finance Manager

Jane Hamlyn

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Front of House Manager

Tim Nurse

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