We are excited to announce the inaugural UK Seagrass Symposium, taking place at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth!

The UK Seagrass Symposium is taking place on the 9th and 10th November 2023. The Ocean Conservation Trust and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust are delighted to host this two day event to bring together practitioners, scientists, managers and communities from across the country. We want to highlight seagrass conservation successes, and discuss the challenges; sharing knowledge and experiences on UK seagrass science, policy and management.

The event will cover the latest in UK seagrass conservation, including seagrass ecology, protection and restoration, case studies and success stories, alongside peer-to-peer learning exchanges.

More info will be released soon!

We are proudly sponsored by the Environment Agency, Natural England and The Crown Estate.

We are very grateful to our organising committee: Hilary Kennedy (Bangor University), Ben Green (Environment Agency), Duncan Vaughan (Natural England), Leanne Unsworth (Project Seagrass), Martin Attrill (University of Plymouth/Ocean Conservation Trust), Abby Crosby (Cornwall wildlife Trust), Caroline Price (Crown Estate) and Mark Parry (Ocean Conservation Trust).