The Ocean Conservation Trust is dedicated to protecting the future of our Ocean.  

We have built a dedicated team of over 80 staff members with a wide range of expertise in marine biology, environmental ecology, Ocean conservation, education, and Ocean literacy.

Our Marketing and Communications team is here to facilitate media enquiries about the Ocean Conservation Trust and to help provide access to a wealth of information and knowledge regarding Ocean conservation. 

Our team includes experts in the fields of Ocean life, Ocean conservation, education and science communication. 

We are available to act as spokespeople on a wide range of Ocean related topics. 

Interviews or Information

Looking for a spokesperson for an Ocean topic? Need an Ocean animal identified? Our amazing Ocean experts can help.

For information, images, or interview requests please contact our Marketing & Communications team on the details below:

Head of Marketing & Communications – Phillipa Revest by email

Communications Officer – Cat Ansell on 01752 717294 or by email 

Filming at our Aquarium

To ensure that you get all of the images, footage, and interviews that you require please contact our Marketing Team.

Phillipa Revest by email