Everyone has their part to play…

For decades we have been providing an exciting and interactive OCT Learning Programme, using the Ocean as a hook for teachers to deliver all subjects of the curriculum. We offer a wide range of immersive, curriculum-linked opportunities for nursery, school, college and university students to learn about our incredible blue planet! We engage with approximately 30,000 students a year, and through doing so, inspire them to connect with the Ocean and do what they can to protect it.

Our programme is co-created with teachers and comprises sessions and workshops that support curriculum-based learning at all key stages and abilities.

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“I was particularly impressed by the variety of sea creatures on display, and our children loved learning about their different habitats and behaviours. The staff were also very knowledgeable and helpful, and it was clear that they had a genuine passion for marine life. Again, thank you for everything. It was a truly memorable day for our children” West Croft Primary School


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