Our charity is proud to be located in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. We are pleased to be one of the core partners as the Plymouth Sound becomes UK’s first National Marine Park.

Our Aquarium was chosen to be the Anchor Institute for the Marine Park, and our charity is incredibly proud to be part of the Park’s development through our seagrass restoration work and our engagement & education programme.

Our conservation work is centred around people taking positive action, so we will strive to help as many people as possible to experience and connect with the Ocean here in Plymouth through our conservation work including education and engagement programmes.

“Plymouth Sound is one of the world’s most important and visually stunning natural harbours. It has multiple designations for protected habitats and supports over 1000 species of fish and other marine animal life.  It is home to HMNB Devonport, the largest naval base in Western Europe, commercial ports, a substantial national fishing fleet, international fish market, commercial diver training, a global hub for marine leisure industries and an internationally important marine research cluster. It is a historic tourist destination; Plymouth and its people have played a vital role in the development of Europe and the Americas. Nowhere could be more deserving of special recognition at a local or national level. So many pioneering voyages of discovery have set sail from Plymouth that it is natural for Plymouth to be considered as the UK’s first National Marine Park.”

National Marine Park, UK

At the Ocean Conservation Trust, we have been showcasing why we feel that Plymouth Sound should be celebrated for decades. Through education, research and engagement, our work to put Plymouth’s waters on the world map has been relentless. 

Our team of conservation, education and communications experts are supporting the fantastic team at Plymouth City Council to ensure that the people of Plymouth (and beyond) connect with the National Marine Park and use the park as a hook to inspire pro-Ocean behaviour. 

We will also continue our seagrass restoration programme within the Sound as part of the Marine Park’s new plans!

The Ocean Conservation Trust would love to use Plymouth National Marine Park as a way to connect as many people as possible with the Ocean. Our experience in converting people to be Ocean literate means we hope the park is a key part of connect Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean city, with the Ocean and all its wonders. 

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