Our charity’s work is centred around people and positive action.

We are focusing on inspiring Ocean advocacy through connections with nature, combined with our ground-breaking work protecting & restoring vital Ocean habitats. 

Our team of marine biologists, educators, communicators, researchers, ecologists, oceanographers and divers are Ocean optimists. We work tirelessly to connect people to the Ocean and influence pro-Ocean behaviour. 

Our focus

We focus on two main areas; behaviour change and habitat restoration, taking an optimistic and solutions-based approach that is centred around physical and emotional connections with nature. 

Our programmes can be divided into three main categories, of course some may overlap, but they each have their own project name to showcase our efforts in an easy to understand way. 

Ocean Experiences

Connecting as many people with Ocean as possible, creating accessible and inclusive experiences, and showcasing the sea and all it has to offer.

All experiences we offer are designed to create a love for the Ocean, hopefully leading to the want to protect it. 

Ocean Advocacy

Through a range of Advocacy work we hope to strengthen the voice of the Ocean. We’re encouraging everyone, from individuals to communities, industry to government, to think about their impact on the Ocean throughout the day and make choices with the health of the Ocean in mind. 

Ocean Habitats 

Whilst connecting all with the Ocean and showcasing the ways they can act more Ocean friendly in their lifestyles, in our Ocean Habitats programme we aim to protect vital Ocean ecosystems, allowing them to regenerate and restoring them to their full health. 

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