The Ocean Conservation Trust promotes the eating of sustainable fish as one of its key messages.  To help people to make informed sustainable choices, ‘Sound Fish: Know What You Eat’ was created.

The Sound Fish guide aims to connect the people of Plymouth with the seafood they eat and champion the amazing variety of local, sustainable seafood landed on our doorstep. Fifteen species are showcased and are rated as sustainable by the MSC. Not only are the species discussed within the guide, but we also invited some fantastic chefs to submit recipes which demonstrate how best to cook these sustainable options.

fishing boat

The guide also celebrates the fishing heritage in Plymouth and features information for consumers about where to buy, what to look for and even recipes to encourage them to move away from the Big 5 – Cod, Tuna, Haddock, Salmon and Prawns.

Overfishing and destructive fishing is having detrimental long term effects on the Ocean. Our guide aims to showcase tasty, yet sustainable alternatives to the ‘Big Five’ to make sure that popular fish stocks are given time to recover.