We’re thrilled to have set up a coral research lab at our centre of Ocean excellence, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

The facility will allow the team to work on techniques for growing corals in lab conditions, which will then contribute to the sustainable sourcing of corals for aquaria around the world. This work will also support our goal of Ocean habitat restoration. By partnering with other global coral restoration specialists, we hope to be able to transport our corals back to the wild to support healthy reefs.

Our lab will be up and running in the coming months, so if you’d like to find out more or see the work in action, why not pay us a visit? 

How will this help the Ocean?

Coral reefs can be home to thousands of species of Ocean life, with millions of individuals living on each reef, from tiny starfish to beautiful rays. They are important nursery grounds and also protect the coastline from erosion and storms. They are an important source of livelihood for the people who live nearby. By ensuring reefs are strong and healthy, we can protect this vital Ocean ecosystem for animals and people alike.

How you can help?

To continue this work, we, and more importantly, the Ocean, need your support. Anything you are able to donate today will ensure vital research and habitat restoration can continue. As we know, climate change is impacting our Ocean, but your donation can ensure we allow Ocean habitats to thrive.

Support our charity with a donation

Any amount you can give will help us continue our vital work to protect and support our Ocean.