Explore the underwater world of the UK’s first National Marine Park in Plymouth with the help of our Ocean Discovery Rangers.

The OCT Snorkel Academy offers the chance to join our amazing team of Ocean Conservationists at Mount Batten Beach! Whether a beginner or seeking a summer Ocean adventure, there’s something for everyone. Join us for limited-edition Snorkel Safari badges and unforgettable memories.

Our Rangers are all BSAC or PADI certified snorkel instructors, who are also marine biologists! This means you can feel both safe and educated in the sea! For all sessions, wetsuits and snorkel equipment will be provided. Please let us know at the time of booking what sizes you require.  

Session Location Time
Snorkel Safari (Ages 12+)Mount Batten Beach, PL9 9SJ10:30-12:00
Beginner Snorkelling (Ages 8+)Mount Batten Beach, PL9 9SJ10:30-12:00
Sensory Friendly Snorkelling (Ages 8+)Mount Batten Beach, PL9 9SJ13:00-14:30


Snorkelling Sessions

Snorkel Safari

For those that have snorkelled before or are confident sea swimmers, join our Snorkel Safaris at Mount Batten—featuring rock shore habitat, kelp meadows, and flooded rockpools!

Brush up on snorkelling basics, then dive into the open sea to encounter incredible marine life. From blennies to jellyfish, eels to oystercatchers, Mount Batten offers a diverse range of animals and habitats to explore. *

Beginner Snorkelling

Gain confidence in rockpools before venturing into the sea. Practice with the equipment, acclimate to seawater, and explore without dealing with ocean currents.

When everyone feels ready, we’ll venture into Mount Battens kelp forests, home to spider crabs, pollack, sticklebacks, and sea bass! *

Sensory Friendly Snorkelling

these sensory-friendly snorkelling sessions are tailored for those with sensory processing issues.

With reduced capacity, our Ocean Discovery Rangers offer close support. The relaxed schedule allows ample time for gearing up and beach access. Participants have the flexibility to skip equipment they’re uncomfortable with.

Starting in rockpools to acclimate, participants can then venture into the Ocean to explore beautiful kelp forests. *

Upcoming Dates:

8th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

15th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

16th: Beginner 10:30/ Sensory 13:00

22nd: Snorkel Safari 10:30

29th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

6th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

13th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

20th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

21st: Beginner 10:30/ Sensory 13:00

27th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

3rd: Snorkel Safari 10:30

10th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

17th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

24th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

31st: Snorkel Safari 10:30

7th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

8th: Beginner 10:30/ Sensory 13:00

14th: Snorkel Safari 10:30

21st: Snorkel Safari 10:30

If you have any questions about this experience, please contact community@oceanconservationtrust.org.

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*Terms and Conditions:

  • Age 8+ (ages 8-11 need to be accompanied by a paying adult in the water on a two to one ratio).
  • Ages 12-16 need to have an adult present at the sessions but not in the water.
  • All participants must sign this wavier form before joining the session, Parents or Guardians must sign the waivers on behalf of all minors entering the water.
  • All participants must be confident swimmers, being able to swim 25m unassisted. 
  • Starts times are strictly adhered to.  If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to join the session as you will have missed important safety announcements and training.