We are currently supporting three projects, each working towards the healthy future of vitally important seagrass habitats.

Zoo Outreach Organisation, India – Empowering Students and Women to lead in seagrass conservation through awareness and education

This project is grounded in a powerful theory of change: by educating the local youth and spreading awareness to the women of self-help groups in the community, they will become ambassadors of knowledge. Through this ripple effect, a collective understanding of the importance of preserving marine ecosystems will be fostered.

Germark Holdings, Tanzania – Linking tourists with seagrass meadow restoration initiatives along coastal Tanzania through app

Bringing together multiple stakeholders, tourists and conservation organisations to work together towards the restoration of vitally important seagrass meadows. Different audiences will be able to engage with restoration activities through site visits, community engagement activities, training of community champions and the development of digital tools.

Environ Liberia, Liberia – Transforming coastlines, empowering communities: The Coastal Restoration and Livelihood Enhancement Project

Revitalizing Liberia’s coastal ecosystems and empowering local communities with the ‘Coastal Restoration and Livelihood Enhancement’ project. By restoring critical habitats like seagrass meadows and mangrove forests, we’re not only safeguarding marine biodiversity but also fostering sustainable livelihoods through initiatives like ecotourism and responsible fishing practices.

We will continue to support ground-breaking and important projects like these around the world, but your support is essential for this to happen. Donate to our charity today to keep these global community projects going.