The Ocean Conservation Trust exists to protect and restore the Ocean, and your support helps us do just that!

We believe there is hope for the future of our Ocean and planet, but we need to act NOW! With your support, and using use our strengths in people, optimism, engagement and direct action, we make practical and measurable impact, to make our vision of a healthy, thriving Ocean a reality. We do this through our three core programmes…

Ocean Habitats

We design, deliver and monitor, active, in situ, Ocean restoration projects, reversing habitat damage and supporting habitats to recover, with a particular focus on seagrass. We also work with communities, empowering them to be part of the solution and help to protect their local habitat for future generations. Find out more about our work to protect and restore seagrass on the button below.

Ocean Experiences

We use education and experiences, to influence perceptions of and relationships with the Ocean, with the ultimate goal of inspiring positive, pro-Ocean behaviour. We help people feel empowered to protect the Ocean by helping them experience the Ocean; from school children to grandparents, and snorkelling to VR experiences, we have something to connect everyone with the Ocean.

Ocean Advocacy

We work tirelessly to advocate for the Ocean, creating inclusive campaigns and digital programmes, so that everyone can find their Ocean connection. We want to kick-start a wave of positive action that will protect our planet’s future. Find out more about our Advocacy programme on the button below.