After a year of highs and lows, we’d thought we’d put together a look back on some moments of positivity from our charity. Are you ready for some Ocean optimism to lead us into 2022? Take a look at some of the standouts moments that you’ve helped support.  


  • Seeds the day!
    • We packed thousands of seagrass seed bags as part of the EU LIFE ReMEDIES project. We deployed them into Plymouth Sound National Marine Park. More for next year!
  • Clean up our act
    • We cleaned up over 22 km of coast, collecting a total of 352 kg rubbish collected for the Preventing Plastic Pollution Project. That’s a whopping 10,486 plastic items picked up!
  • Water we waiting for
    • Over 150,000 people visited our Aquarium in Plymouth to connect with the wonders of the Ocean. 
  • Making waves
    • We helped organise the We Are Ocean summit with over 150 ocean conservation organisations coming together to share their love for the Ocean 
  • Just the Be-Gin-ing
  • Whale I never
    • We supported SailGP in their Plymouth event. We led education sessions, engagement workshops and even did carried out marine mammal spotting (with a big visitor coming to watch the race!).
  • New real-oceanships
    • We’ve brought on more amazing and passionate Ocean advocates to share our news, events and amplify our messages.
  • Putting the ‘sea’ in ‘research’
    • We’ve supported four student research projects, looking into the future of our Ocean. 
  • Plenty mooring where that came from
  • As Ocean Optimists we’ve Glas-gow half full!
  • Using the Ocean as the hook for schools
    • We inspired over 8,000 school children engaging them our Ocean education programme, working with over 500 teachers to bring the Ocean to their lessons.
  • Wet, wet, wet
    • We provided thousands of people with immersive Ocean experiences, with over 250 of them diving in and getting beneath the waves.
  • People power
    • Alongside Defra, we carried out the world’s largest ocean literacy survey with 8440 people getting involved.
  • Think (Ocean) Before you speak!
    • We launched our #thinkocean challenge to empower everyone to take action for the Ocean with thousands of people taking part.
  • Team work makes the Bream work
  • We’re NMPositive about the future!
  • Sea-ing is believing
  • And even spotted a rare seahorse in the park!

More for 2022

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