The time has come to connect the dots between the Ocean and the climate

Wherever we live, our very existence relies on a healthy Ocean. But the sea is warming, corals are bleaching and the life of some Ocean species is hanging in the balance.

For a long time, the Ocean has only been used as an example to showcase the negative impacts of climate change. But we want to change that.

The Ocean is a hero, and is one of the key solutions to combat the problems of our changing climate.

That’s why in the build up to COP26 and beyond, we’re launching our new campaign to join the dots between the Ocean and the climate.

What has the Ocean got to do with the climate?

Quite a lot actually…

  • Covering 70% of Earth’s surface, the Ocean is a big deal for the climate! It dominates the water and energy cycles on our planet.
  • Our Ocean absorbs large amounts of solar energy, pushing this warmth, along with water vapour (which makes clouds and precipitation) all around the globe. This creates weather patterns and has a warming effect on the air above us.
  • The Ocean has already been a hero on our planet, by absorbing lots of the CO2 that we have created.
  • Absorbing the extra CO2 produced by human activity is causing the Ocean to become more acidic.  As well as this, the extra gases in the atmosphere act as a blanket, stopping heat from escaping. As the planet warms, the Ocean warms.
  • Big changes like this can not be taken lightly. The interconnectedness of earth’s systems means that changes in one cycle can influence the equilibrium of the entire earth system. 

During the COP negotiations, it is key that the Ocean is part of the conversation – an unhealthy Ocean means unhealthy people.

We want to connect the dots between the Ocean and the Climate to ensure;

Ocean nature based solutions are not forgotten when talking about combating climate change

The Ocean has a voice in the future of our planet, with governments, business and society thinking about the Ocean at all levels of decision making

How can you help?

Spread the word!

You can either share our social messages, or even download one of the graphics below and post them to your own social feeds. The more people that understand the link between the Ocean and Climate Change, the more chance we have at protecting and restoring the Ocean to not only combat climate change, but improve biodiversity and the health of our Ocean.

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