As a Conservation Biologist with many years of experience in both formal and informal environmental education and science communication, specifically linked to the Ocean environment, I’m passionate about delivering experiential learning in all aspects of the Trust’s educational work, ensuring that learning outcomes are key and that those interacting with us are always aware of their connection to the Ocean. I’m also responsible for our charitable outputs such as behaviour change campaigns and projects that help connect a variety of audiences to the Ocean, whether physically or virtually.

As well as working for the Ocean Conservation Trust, I hold the position of Chair of the Conservation Education Committee of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) – a role that sees me working with zoos and aquariums across Britain to ensure that quality conservation education is delivered at their collections. I am also the President of EMSEA (European Marine Science Educators) and use my skill set to drive Ocean Literacy across the UK and Europe.

My favourite things about the Ocean are that it can calm you down on a stressful day or give you energy when you need it. It reminds me of holidays and good times with friends and family. It connects all of us around the planet and it is the home to the most amazing and remarkable creatures. I just love to be beside water, I do think I have some kind of mermaid blood in me as being under it is just as great!