As a Development Officer it is my remit through working with everyone at the trust and external agencies to develop successful funding applications and deliver projects that facilitate the charitable objectives of the Ocean Conservation Trust. Behind every successful project there is a team effort and I feel very fortunate to work alongside so many passionate and knowledgeable professionals in Ocean Conservation. Starting with a concept and understanding how all at the trust can be a successful part of delivering that project I find hugely rewarding, I’m interested in developing and delivering applied Ocean conservation and education funded project with my colleagues that make a difference. My professional interest is in seagrass and bi-valve aquaculture, particularly the aspiration of large-scale seagrass restoration and the sustainable production of shellfish.

I am a surfer and a diver; I’ve witnessed first-hand how our Ocean environment has changed. Some of that change has been negative but much of it is positive. Over 30 years as a surfer I’ve seen our Oceans become more protected, water quality for recreational water use improve and our waters become cleaner places to swim and enjoy. I’ve witnessed many more people appreciate the healing qualities of our Ocean and take responsibility for safeguarding; I believe there is great hope for our Ocean when we find common ground. As a diver I’ve seen the interest in understanding our environment grow and the positives that has on protection. My remit as a Development Officer allows me to work with people and contribute to making our Ocean cleaner each day as well as satisfy a desire to understand.