In 2021, we were part of the creation of a model Ocean Recovery Declaration – a Motion for the Ocean – to support local and national governments take action to improve Ocean health. It is now gaining momentum further upstream.

The Ocean is a fundamental part of climate regulation and must be considered as part of an effective climate emergency response. The Motion for the Ocean helps governments identify how they can embed ocean recovery in their planning and decision making processes.

Building on the momentum of the motion, an updated model has been developed to support inland councils play their part in Ocean recovery. After all, every person needs the Ocean to be healthy, wherever they live.

The inland pledges take a source-to-sea approach to Ocean health, helping inland councils demonstrate their commitment to act as protectors of rivers, waterways and tributaries in their area.

Blandford Forum Town Council were the first fully inland council to declare a Motion for the Ocean. Despite being inland, they recognise there are still things that can and should be done to contribute to Ocean recovery.

Photo credit: Linda Scott-Giles

The River Stour connects us to the wildlife and ecosystems that it supports, providing generations with the opportunity to live alongside otters, swans, kingfishers and other creatures thriving in their natural habitats. It links us all to the other communities that have built up along the banks on its journey from Stourhead to the sea. And through connecting us to the sea, the Stour connects us to the rest of the world.

Cllr Pat Osborne, Blandford Forum Town Council

All councils, whether coastal or inland, have the power to influence Ocean health for the better. Can you help us spread the word so we can sea the change?