Supported by the European Commission, the European Ocean Coalition (EU4Ocean) connects organisations, projects and people that contribute to ocean literacy and the sustainable management of the Ocean.

The EU4Ocean initiative aims at uniting the voices of Europeans to make the ocean a concern of everyone! On Thursday 24th September 2020, we’re pleased to announce that our Head of Conservation Education and Communications, Nicola Bridge, will be speaking at the inaugural launch event representing the European Marine Science Educators Association (EMSEA).

The EU4Ocean coalition will support Ocean literacy activities in the Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean (including the North Sea), the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the global Ocean.

There will be ways for everyone to get involved – from organisations and individuals engaged in Ocean Literacy initiatives, a European Youth Forum for the Ocean and a Network of European Blue Schools

Where do we come in?

We’re working with EMSEA on the Blue Schools initiative; encouraging students and educators to get involved in learning more about the Ocean and becoming advocates for it through education and Ocean optimism. Our Education team provide learning experiences and programmes tailored to all key stage groups, including outreach projects, virtual workshops, lesson plans and resources, plus much more.

How can you get involved as an educator?

By taking part in our Ocean Learning experiences you’ll get the exciting opportunity to work your way towards becoming a European Blue School and receiving the European Blue School certification, recognizing the value of your initiative.

Help us inspire a generation to grow up in a world that not only knows why the Ocean is vital to our planet, but live in a way that will create a healthier Ocean for all. 

Have your students become agents for change and sustainability of the Ocean; as well as find inspiration and support on how to address ocean topics that are relevant to your curricula, your school and your community.