A new immersive art exhibit is opening in the National Marine Aquarium on the 8th July 2022. Titled ‘The Seagrass Walk’, the exhibit will be a blue carbon-inspired immersive experience that uses multimedia informed by scientific research to showcase the Ocean’s wonder plant, seagrass.

Rosie Sherwood, the UK’s first Blue Carbon Artist in Residence, has been working with people and organisations across Plymouth to create the immersive experience. It uses photography, video, lights, and sculpture, combined with elements created using recycled ocean plastics and taking inspiration from the shape of the exhibits in the UK’s National Aquarium.

Rosie Sherwood said: “Having the chance to create art and contribute to the global conversation around ocean health is a dream come true. Blue carbon and seagrasses are essential puzzle pieces in the fight against the climate crisis. Nothing could be more inspiring. Working with such proactive and forward-thinking organisations and individuals has forever changed my art and taught me a huge amount. I can’t wait for the public to see and engage with the art I have made.”

Seagrasses are one of the most valuable and biodiverse habitats on the planet and are one of the few habitats that provide multiple benefits to the environment, from it’s ability to store huge amounts of carbon to being a biodiversity hotspot. We have been focused on restoring vulnerable seagrass habitats for over a decade and have just launched our biggest and most ambitious project yet, Blue Meadows, which will protect the seagrass meadows we already have and over the longer term restore what we have lost.

‘The Seagrass Walk’ has been made possible through a programme led by ourselves, the University of Plymouth, and Plymouth City Council, supported by funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Entrance to the new art exhibit is free with tickets to the Aquarium, so click on the button below to book tickets and immerse yourself in The Seagrass Walk!