We will be running a free webinar on Monday 11th January at 12:30pm exploring a Review titled ‘Understanding Ocean Literacy and Ocean Climate-related behaviour change in the UK’ commissioned by the Ocean Conservation Trust.

The one hour webinar will discuss Ocean literacy, Ocean connectedness and behaviour change with policy recommendations on how Ocean Literacy can be redefined in the future.

Register HERE for Episode 1: Exploring Evidence

1. Introduction
Roger Maslin, CEO of Ocean Conservation Trust

2. Talking points on Evidence Synthesis Review
Dr Emma McKinley & Dr Daryl Burdon

  • Evolution of Ocean Literacy Definitions & Dimensions – exploring concepts and models from the report, including ocean connectedness, marine citizenship
  • Assessment of Existing Data and Question Modules – talking through the studies drawn upon, and the indicators used to assess them
  • Recommendations for Future Research – discussing the various recommendations made, including the expansion of some of the Ocean literacy dimensions and the development of an Ocean literacy survey

3. Second and Third phases of the Ocean literacy Report
Dr Mark Atkinson from Defra

4. Q&A
Dr Emma McKinley & Dr Daryl Burdon

5. Ocean Literacy in Action
Helen Gowans, Ocean Conservation Trust

6. Conclusion
Roger Maslin, Ocean Conservation Trust

Join Our Expert Speakers:

Dr Daryl Burdon
Daryl is an independent researcher (www.darylburdon.co.uk) with an international reputation in linking interdisciplinary marine science with society in responding to conservation and management challenges facing our coasts and seas. Daryl has a wealth of experience in managing and undertaking interdisciplinary research projects and has developed an international reputation for publishing and presenting his research. Daryl specialises in natural capital and ecosystem services, human impacts, stakeholder engagement, development of marine indicators and ocean literacy. Daryl has established links with UK marine stakeholders being a member of the Marine Science Coordination Committee Social Science Task Group, a JNCC Business Associate, a member of the Seafish Expert Panel and locally Chairs the Humber Nature Forum.

Dr Emma McKinley
Emma (@EmmaJMcKinley) has been a Research Fellow at Cardiff University for four years. Her research focuses on understanding the complex relationship between society and the sea, taking account of diverse types of perceptions, attitudes and values held by different communities and audiences, and considers how this insight can be used to support effective ocean governance.  In September 2018, Emma founded the Marine Social Science Network, a global, interdisciplinary community of researchers and practitioners working across marine social sciences, which she chairs. Emma is Chair of the Royal Geographic Society’s Coastal and Marine Research Group and sits on the Marine Social Science Task Force of the UK’s Marine Science Coordinating Committee working closely with relevant authorities to advocate for the inclusion of marine social sciences within decision making for the UK’s marine and coastal environment.

Dr Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson is a Senior Social Researcher at Defra and manages a range of marine research projects with a focus on international ocean climate, blue finance and social indicators for marine cultural ecosystem services and natural capital. Originally trained as a social psychologist, Mark has a breadth of experience in social and behavioural research within the natural environment, encompassing climate change, forestry and marine issues. Prior to joining DEFRA he worked for University College London, University of Exeter and Forest Research. Mark is a member of the Government Social Research Profession and has links with a broad range of social researchers interested in the relationship between people and the natural environment.

Helen Gowans
With a Masters in Sustainable Environmental Management and a degree in Marine Biology, Helen has a strong background in what it takes to engage people with conservation efforts. Helen works as the Public and Community Engagement Manager for the Ocean Conservation Trust. Her primary role is to lead an innovative and enthusiastic team to connect 280,000 visitors to the National Marine Aquarium a year with our ocean. Bringing Ocean Literacy to life, she designs and manages an engaging programme of activities that allows people to have meaningful experiences with the ocean to encourage pro-ocean behaviour.

Roger Maslin
It’s my privilege to be the CEO of the Ocean Conservation Trust, to set the direction and steer the ship, but above all, to help everyone make as much of a positive difference as they can to our Ocean and enjoy themselves while doing so. The Ocean conservation cause is very close to my heart.