From Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July we will be bringing you a full week of Ocean literacy, to enjoy from your very own home!


#thinkOcean Challenge

We will be launching our new #thinkOcean campaign, we don’t want to spoil the surprise so keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming information.


Ocean Literacy Webinar Series Episode 2: Revealing Results @ 11am

This Ocean literacy webinar is the second in a series all about how people can become more Ocean literate and how the public perceives the Ocean. This episode will be in partnership with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) focusing on the results of the biggest ever Ocean literacy survey.

The survey, offered to around 8500 people in England and Wales, measured public awareness, attitudes, knowledge and behaviours related to the marine environment and Ocean climate change.

This webinar will hear from researchers who created the survey and the impact of the results!


How can you become more Ocean literate?

We will be asking you to share your advice with others on how to #thinkOcean by sharing your favourite Ocean stories.


Citizens of the Sea Webinar @ 11am

In our Citizens of the Sea webinar we talk to Dr Pamela Buchan as she discusses her PhD which investigates marine citizenship and its role in promoting good marine environmental health. 

Marine citizenship has been proposed as a useful approach to tackle the serious problem of Ocean degradation, by engaging the public to take personal responsibility and change their behaviours. 

This webinar will host PhD author Dr Pamela Buchan and our Head of Conservation Education and Communications Nicola Bridge, as they discuss the results of Citizen’s of the Sea PhD and how this work has helped shape Ocean Conservation Trust’s approach to improving marine citizenship in practise. All questions are very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you. This session is jointly run with the Marine Social Science Network Plymouth chapter.


Expanding the #thinkOcean family

We’re excited to share news about an Ocean literacy update within our team and hear how you feel connected to the Ocean.

We hope you join us for this week of Ocean literacy inspiration, interaction and community building.