Ocean Recovery Declaration – ‘Motion for the Ocean’ passed

We’re excited to announce that this week Plymouth City Council declared an urgent need for Ocean Recovery. This important declaration will ensure that Ocean recovery is aligned with climate emergency plans.

The Ocean is a place we go to unwind and reconnect with nature, but must not forget that it also has a huge influence on all of earth’s natural systems and process, this means that it is fundamental that Ocean recovery is included as part of climate recovery.

In their Motion for the Ocean, the Council have pledged to:

  • Make sure that they consider the Ocean when making decisions around budgets, planning, skills and regeneration.
  • Ensure that industries that are linked to the sea such as fishing, marine technology, renewable energy and aquaculture, continue to develop in a sustainable and equitable way.
  • Create an Ocean portal to show progress on this work.
  • Request that central government do everything within their power to put the Ocean into recovery. 

Significantly for us at the OCT, the Council have also pledged to officially: 

  • Ensure that all pupils have a first-hand experience of the Ocean before leaving primary school.  
  • Support and promote sustainable and equitable access to the Ocean through physical and digital experiences.

For many years, we have campaigned for the Ocean to be part of every child’s learning experience, so this is a monumental breakthrough. We know that experiencing the Ocean by being next to, on, in or under it can improve our wellbeing.  It can also help us feel connected to nature, which are both important factors in inspiring pro-Ocean behaviour… or in other words, a win for us and a win for the Ocean!

Next steps

Working with Dr Pam Buchan and Emily Cunningham, we are proud to be joint authors of the model motion that Plymouth City Council used as a basis for their Ocean Motion. Going forward we will be approaching other local Councils to support them to pass their own Ocean Recovery Motion.  

What can you do?

  • We need your help!  Share this information with your local Council:

A Motion for the Ocean – Ocean Conservation Trust

  • To find out why we need to look after the Ocean follow this link

#thinkOcean – Ocean Conservation Trust

  • You can read Plymouth City Councils declaration here on page 3 and 4:

(Public Pack)Motions on Notice Agenda Supplement for City Council, 22/11/2021 14:00 (plymouth.gov.uk)