We are thrilled that our Ocean city is leading the way to become the UK’s first National Marine Park, helped along by the announcement of £11.6million funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund!

From the inception of the National Marine Park, we have been excited about the key part it can play to connect communities across Plymouth with the Ocean and all its wonders. This big investment will enable the delivery of a £22 million transformational five-year programme that will engage an entire city in its landscape and heritage. The challenge to reconnect an entire city to the sea is a big one, but we are excited to do it!

We are delighted that through the creation of the National Marine Park and with the support of the Heritage Fund, the city will invest to boost the wonderful species and important habitats in Plymouth Sound. Providing much-needed funding to help support the recovery of nature in the Sound and to improve resilience to the challenges they face by climate change.

As part of the exciting and diverse activity plan, Plymouth Sound National Marine Park (PSNMP) aims to help the entire city make closer connections to the Ocean through experiences that promote positive behaviour change. The three-step journey to help people become citizens of the sea will include:

  • Engage and inspire;
  • Provide opportunities for learning and discovery;
  • Enable connection and positive action to support the long-term care of Plymouth Sound National Marine Park.

This journey is underpinned by our 25 years of experience connecting people with the Ocean, and we will draw on the wealth of knowledge, and passion of our staff to make this journey a success.

This is the beginning of a movement – a first-of-its-kind opportunity for the development of National Marine Parks across the UK, led by Plymouth.

Our charity is dedicated to making the Ocean accessible to all, so we are delighted by the series of sensitive transformation projects across the citywide waterfront, which will enable greater accessibility to Plymouth Sound National Marine Park. These developments will open up new ‘gateways’ to the National Marine Park itself through previously inaccessible heritage sites, including the Mount Batten Tower and Garden Battery at Mount Edgcumbe. Tinside, Plymouth’s beloved art-deco Lido, will also undergo transformational work to open up new spaces that can be enjoyed year-round.

Furthermore, a pioneering nature boost project will restore habitats and species including vitally important seagrass, mudflats and saltmarshes, Oysters, Mussels, Little Egrets, Avocets Thornback Ray, Seahorses, sand eels and the rare Allis Shad.

A Digital Marine Park will also bring to life the amazing heritage of Plymouth Sound in a unique way online – opening up the UK’s first National Marine Park to a global audience. This will enable people who cannot get in, on, under, or near the waters of PSNMP to see what lies beneath the waves. Something that is particularly important to make sure the Marine Park is accessible to everyone, no matter where they live.

The delivery of Plymouth Sound National Marine Park (PSNMP) is a once-in-a-lifetime transformational opportunity for Britain’s Ocean City, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and the nation. It is a journey that we are hugely proud and excited to be part of, and hope this will be the first of many National Marine Parks around the UK’s coastline.

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