There is no better time to think about your impact on the planet than the season of goodwill! So, check out our tips below on how to #thinkOcean and make it an Ocean friendly Christmas!

Sustainable gifting

Want to get a gift for someone, but not sure what to get them? Consider gifting an experience, such as a trip to your favourite attraction, a spa visit, or tickets to a concert or show! If you do want to buy someone a physical gift, then think quality over quantity, as well as considering what the gift is made from.

Think about how you wrap gifts

Many wrapping papers contain plastics which cannot be recycled, so make sure you are picking wrapping paper made from recycled or FSC-certified paper. Or make the zero-waste swap and use fabric which not only looks great but can then be used again and again!

Christmas food

Try to cut any food waste by planning ahead, and just buying what you need. If you have got too much, then make sure to use up the leftovers. You can make your Christmas food shopping more sustainable by buying seasonal products that are locally produced, as this reduces the energy spent growing foods out of season or flying food to the UK.

Decorating for your festive celebrations

Use LED lights on your Christmas tree, they use less energy and look just as good! You can also use timers on Christmas lights outside your home to come on at certain times of day. These tips will also reduce your electricity bill!

Festive activities

We know that Christmas time means party season! But your fashion choices don’t have to impact the Ocean. Re-wear an outfit you already own, or if you really want to wear something new then head to the charity shop for a second hand purchase!

Connect with the Ocean

Getting out for a Boxing Day walk with your friends and family this year? Why don’t you head for the coast and take a look at the Ocean. It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones, as well as being good for mindfulness.