Blue Meadows is our vital new seagrass project that will deliver a holistic approach to seagrass protection, regeneration and restoration.

Our primary goal is to protect and regenerate existing seagrass meadows. Over the next 5 years, we are aiming to project 10% of all UK seagrass, that’s a huge 700 hectares, equivalent to the size of 700 football pitches!

Seagrass meadows are being lost and damaged primarily due to human impacts. To many boaters, it is not clear where the seagrass meadows are, so they are unaware of the damage being caused. That’s why we have launched a protection programme, using marker buoys that will highlight where the seagrass meadows are. This will stop boats anchoring in these areas, and stop destructive fishing activity taking place in these sensitive areas.

We have kicked off the protection programme in Falmouth, where marker buoys have been placed in three key areas to protect over 20 hectares of seagrass meadows, equivalent to around 20 football pitches!

Marker buoys protecting sensitive habitats

The essence of the Blue Meadows approach is co-operation to solve a critical problem and to grasp a wonderful opportunity. This exciting pilot scheme for our protection programme was made possible through a partnership with Falmouth Harbour Authority and the support of Plymouth Gin!

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