The Lancer, an uncrewed mini-boat, has travelled thousands of miles across the Ocean, collecting valuable data on Ocean conditions!

At the heart of this story is an uncrewed mini-boat named the Lancer! It was originally made by students form Waterford High in the US, as part of the Educational Passages Miniboat programme. These students launched the boat across the Atlantic, complete with high tech tracking equipment, so it could collect important data on sea surface temperature throughout its journey.

Having crossed the Atlantic successfully, it was adopted by students from Tor Bridge High School in Plymouth. Thanks to students across the South West, and Ocean experts at the Ocean Conservation Trust, the boat was equipped with brand new environmental sensors capable of recording sea surface temperature data on its journey – providing a valuable insight into the changing temperature of our Ocean.

We launched it off the coast of Tenerife, so it could make its way back to the Americas, collecting data throughout its journey for schools around the world to access.

Find out what happened on the video below!