Here at the Ocean Conservation Trust we are hugely proud to be a founding member of the We are Ocean collab. Together with our friends at Wild Labs and the Marine Conservation Society we held our second We Are Ocean Summit.

This event saw Ocean experts celebrate the #OceanDecade with scientists, educators, businesses, sportspeople, NGO’s, and government discussing all things Blue.

To sum up an inspirational and engaging summit, we thought we’d share with you some quotes from the summit that we hope will inspire you as much as it inspired us.

“We need to inspire the public with radical hope and show where climate action can happen at scale.”

Hugo Tagholm, Surfers Against Sewage

“We’re building a baseline of Ocean literacy in England Wales which will help us use Ocean literacy in policy.”

Jess Breedon, Defra

“Digital education can help to scale our connection to the Ocean.”

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop – Encounter Edu

“You need to trade fear for love”

Zandile Ndhlovu, Black Mermaid Foundation

“You are connected to the sea in every cell of your being. We Are Ocean”

Hanli Prinsloo, I am Water

“If we talk about the Ocean in popular culture it will infiltrate our conservation and that will happen in schools as well”

Stu Higgs, Ocean Conservation Trust

“We have a greater understanding of the breadth of our audience and the skill we need to engage with them”

Sarah Duffy, Common Seas

“In the last five years we’re seeing the restorative effects of water compared to the green space equivalent.”

Easkey Britton

“Action alleviates overwhelm – find your tribe.”

Cal Major

“We had to evolve and adapt to bring the Ocean to those who can’t get there. We had to be brave and not afraid of change.”

Olly Reed, Ocean Conservation Trust

“I realised I needed to get out of my professional echo chamber and go and talk with the communities impacted by the Ocean. I listened and learned about the barriers stopping communities engaging with the Ocean.”

Emily G Cunningham

We look forward to sharing the outcomes of this event with you in due course.

Thanks to all who attended!