When does Virtual STEMFest take place?

We will be running two Virtual STEMFest events on the 4th October. You may book onto either session.

Morning session: 09:30 – 11:30

Afternoon session: 12:30 – 14:30

Please be aware that these timings are UK British Summer Time. If you are joining us from a different time zone, please check these timings in advance.

What will the day involve?

Each session will start with a welcoming introduction, and will be split up into two different sections, with a break in between.
(Please be aware the order of activities may change based on the schedule of the day)

Part One: A carousel of STEM activities delivered amongst the Aquarium exhibits, inspired by the work of the Darwin Leaders.

  • Activity 1: Population count of local starfish species and the creation of scientific drawings.
    • Location: Plymouth Sound
    • Topic focus: Maths and Art
  • Activity 2: Collecting data on different coral reef species using quadrats.
    • Location: Great Barrier Reef
    • Topic focus: Maths and Biology

Part Two: Pupils will learn about the discoveries that Charles Darwin made during his five-year expedition around the world, after he set sail from Plymouth on the HMS Beagle in 1831. Throughout the workshop, they will create their own unique creature, which is perfectly adapted to life on our planet! They will leave with a greater understanding of the theory of evolution, and knowledge of the journey that led to Darwin writing a famous piece of scientific literature: On the Origin of the Species.

Will there be any follow up activities?

All participants will receive a free follow up evolution-themed lesson plan to deliver after STEMFest. A series of downloadable resources, including worksheets, how-to manuals, and a step-by-step video, will be made available to groups wishing to continue with their learning in the after the event.

You will also receive a free ‘Bioblitz’ guide, which can be delivered as a follow up activity after the event. Inspired by the work of the Darwin Leaders, this lesson plan links in perfectly with the themes covered during STEMFest 2023. The session will enable pupils to study a species found in their local area, such as gardens and school grounds which can contribute towards meeting the criteria needed to gain eco-school status. Please click here for more information on the eco-school initiative.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! The event is free for school groups and home educators anywhere in the world to watch from their classroom.

How can I book?

To reserve a space, please book through our Digitickets platform using the button below.

What if I have further questions?

To discuss the day in more detail, please contact learning@oceanconservationtrust.org or call us on 01752 275233.