This Christmas why not look to gift something that will help support and protect the Ocean and the environment?

We’ve put together a list of some of the ways you can gift your loved ones something that they’ll be happy with AND the Ocean will love. Take a look, and why not #thinkocean this Christmas?

Christmas cards

Christmas is a time of year where we like to show our nearest and dearest we’re thinking about them in the build up to the big day. But, Christmas can also be a time where we buy things that are only used once, and a lot can be thrown away.

That’s why, we’re asking our followers, friends and family to donate the price of a Christmas card to the Ocean, instead of sending them in the post. This will mean we can continue our vital restoration and Ocean advocacy work.

We’ve designed a PDF you can email, whatsapp or text to your friends and family instead. 0% waste, 100% #thinkocean

Donate the price of your Christmas cards

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Ocean Clothing

We all love a receiving clothes at Christmas. A fresh outfit to parade around the house!

Well why not take a look at our Ocean friendly clothing range? All purchases are printed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. And of course, there’s some amazing designs to keep you warm this winter too!

Ocean Book

Do you know someone who’s said the words ‘I love the sea’ or ‘I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist’, well give them a gift to remember.

Oceanarium is a book all about animals that live the Ocean, written by one of our fantastic education team, our charity receives a donation for every copy sold. The artwork is stunning and a great gift to give this Christmas.

Click here to see a few retailers selling it this Christmas.

Tickets to the Aquarium

If you’re in the South West or looking to visit Devon and Cornwall at some point in 2022, gift tickets to our Aquarium in Plymouth are a great gift, to give someone an experience they’ll never forget.

All tickets come with a year pass so they’ll be able to return as much as they like for a whole 12 months! Our Aquarium is a place to connect with nature and experience the wonders of the deep.


Sometimes, a donation to a charity of behalf of a loved one can mean the world to people. If someone you know has said they don’t ‘want anything’ this year, a donation to the Ocean Conservation Trust will mean we can continue our Ocean optimistic work to try to protect and restore the Ocean for years to come.

Have an amazing festive time and thanks for supporting our charity.