At the Ocean Conservation Trust, we make it a priority to protect and restore Ocean habitats, and part of that means providing sustainable alternatives that will limit the damage to our Ocean caused by the likes of overfishing, trawling and other human activities.

We have set up the UK’s first sustainable scallop hatchery in a laboratory at our centre of Ocean excellence – the National Marine Aquarium, in Plymouth. This is the first steps towards creating a sustainable, diver-caught scallop hatchery in Plymouth and this ground-breaking project is continuing to gather momentum.

How will this help the Ocean?

Scallops are often caught in unsustainable and often habitat harmful ways. By looking to be able to breed these in our hatchery, the aim is to be able to return them to the wild where they will only be caught and collected by divers – thus protecting the Ocean and the animals that live in it. 

How you can help?

We rely on donations to help us continue important projects like this. Just £10 will mean our research can continue, and we can explore other sustainable hatchery and fishery options. 

Support our charity with a donation

Any amount you can give will help us continue our vital work to protect and support our Ocean.