The Ocean Conservation Trust has been conducting research for over two decades.  We have worked with a wide variety of academic institutes from all over the world, studying all aspects of marine conservation from understanding more about animals in an aquarium setting to ground breaking research into the effects of being near aquatic settings on the mental and physical wellbeing of people.  

Our Research Mission Statement aligns with the Ocean Conservation Trust’s vision to create a healthy Ocean.  We aim to conduct relevant research that develops practices to sustain and protect the Ocean and its biodiversity, with the goal of a healthy Ocean for all.

To date, we have conducted hundreds of studies into the marine world looking at a wide range of subjects such as the practicalities of farming scallops and seagrass to understanding how to best care for animals in our Aquarium.

Our priority when conducting research is to focus on projects that achieve our mission. All research we conduct must:

  • Contribute to the welfare, knowledge and/or understanding of species and their habitats
  • Inspire behaviour change

As an Ocean conservation charity, all proposed research must demonstrate a potential benefit to one of more of the following:

  • The conservation of species and/or habitats
  • Animal care and welfare at the NMA or wider aquarium community
  • Behaviour change in people
  • Ocean literacy and education 
  • The NMA business operation

The research we undertake always develops skills, knowledge and/or understanding in one or more of the key areas below:

  • Animal health and welfare (e.g. nutrition, species ecology)
  • Conservation (e.g. animal/habitat-based, people-focused initiatives) 
  • Discovery and Learning (e.g. formal and informal learning within the NMA)
  • Evaluation (e.g. exhibits and visitor experiences)
  • Marketing (e.g. visitor profiles)

We are proud to have such a depth and breadth of research conducted over the years and continue to encourage our team and external students and researchers to take part in our research programmes.

If you are looking to apply to conduct research for the Ocean Conservation Trust, please note that your project should fall under one of the research categories outlined in our Research Aims. However, project proposals that do not fall into the key areas of research will be considered if they are felt to be of clear benefit to our organisational aims. These proposals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us –

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