Building on our many years of experience and global credentials in Ocean education, we are proud to be working with the Connect Multi Academy Trust to deliver the UK’s first Ocean Curriculum. 

Our Schools Programme Manager delivering a workshop for teachers

Working with over one hundred teachers across the Multi Academy Trust, the Ocean Conservation Trust team is combining our expertise in all things Ocean and curriculum with the school teachers’ know-how, to create and deliver an engaging Ocean Curriculum that will increase Ocean literacy across the city of Plymouth.

The Ocean provides half the oxygen in the air we breathe, it drives the weather and provides a source of food for billions. Yet, it barely features on the UK national curriculum. 

How will this help the Ocean?

By working with teachers to help educate and connect school children with the Ocean, we are inspiring a generation to grow up in a world that not only knows why the Ocean is vital to our planet, but live in a way that will create a healthier Ocean for all. 

How you can help?

If you feel as strongly as we do that school children should be taught about the Ocean, there are a few things you can do.

If you work in a school, or know someone who does, you can email our team on to see how you can get involved with this important project. 

If you would like to support this project, you can donate to our charity to allow us to continue to towards our goal of fostering a connection between all children in the UK and the Ocean that surrounds the island we live on.

Support our charity with a donation

Any amount you can give will help us continue our vital work to protect and support our Ocean.