As well as communicating our own conservation work, our hundreds of thousands of annual visitors also get to see the amazing work being carried out by other Ocean conservation related charities.

Not only do the visitors to our Aquarium have a fantastic fun day out, but their visit can also be an inspiring and optimistic journey, giving them a greater understanding of Ocean conservation efforts across the globe. As our aquarium is the largest the UK, we collaborate with charities, policy makers and research institutes to communicate their science via exhibits and face-to-face activities, talks and shows.

Sustainable Seafood

Working with the Marine Stewardship Council and local fishing organisations, our ‘Reconnect’ exhibit showcases the importance of sustainable fishing practices and the amazing work the fishing industry does for the UK economy. 

From recommending what local fish to try, to showcasing the fishing ports in the UK, this exhibit has communicated sustainable fishing information like never before. 

Shark Conservation 

Working closely with the Shark Trust, we have installed a gallery of infographic information in our Atlantic Ocean exhibit to communicate the vital work that goes on around the world conserving shark species.

Using a large part of our Aquarium to showcase the amazing nature of elasmobranchs and how we can all do our bit to look after them, is another example of how we are using our Aquarium to positively influence our visitors and inspire pro-Ocean behaviour. 

Marine Protected Areas

Working with our colleagues at Natural England, our Eddystone Reef exhibit is the perfect backdrop to communicate the importance of Marine Protected Areas in the UK.

With interactive interpretation, videos and maps showcasing the animals that live in Marine Protected Areas, our thousands of visitors have the chance to learn all about these vital areas of conservation – then, they can simply turn around and connect with the animals that may live in them in our breath-taking exhibits.

Eco-friendly Products

Because of our conservational ethos, we have won various ‘Green Tourism Awards’ for the sustainable nature of our visitor experience. Located at the end of the Aquarium, after visitors have taken in the wonders of the Ocean and learned all about the part they can play in its health, we showcase Ocean friendly products to that will help them to easily integrate pro-Ocean behaviours and habitats into their lives after they leave our Aquarium.

From metal straws to bamboo tooth brushes, offering these Ocean friendly products to our Aquarium visitors ensures that thousands of people a year are presented with the tools that will help them to make a difference.

How can you help?

Our Aquarium is constantly changing and evolving, so if you’re a conservation organisation or have a project you’d like us to discuss with us, then please email our Head of Conservation Education & Communications, Nicola Bridge here: 

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