Stage 1: The story so far…

In October 2022, the Ocean Conservation Trust, with the help of 1,200 students from across the South West of England, retrofitted an uncrewed miniboat, named the Lancer. It arrived on the shores of South Devon with a suite of environmental sensors capable of recording sea surface temperature data as it goes – providing a valuable insight into the changing temperature of our Ocean.

The miniboat was originally made by students form Waterford High in the US, as part of the Educational Passages Miniboat programme. Having crossed the Atlantic successfully, it was adopted by students from Tor Bridge High School in Plymouth, but the time has now come for it to return to the Americas…

Stage 2: The launch of the Lancer

This live video series (which you can catch up on afterwards) follows the OCT team as they join the Lancer in Tenerife, and work with Scientists from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and students from the Canaries to complete the final checks before the Lancer sets out on her epic return across the Atlantic.

Virtually meet the experts at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography and get an inside look at their amazing science facility – Catch up on the video here.

Live from the beach! You will get the opportunity to see the Lancer, complete with its new tracking equipment and brand-new sail made by pupils in Tenerife – Watch the live video here Wednesday 30th November 2:30pm.

Our team will be taking to the Expedition Boat on Thursday 1st December to launch the Lancer! The site of the launch is beyond our broadcast signal range, but we will capture our activity and share a video with you all afterwards!

Live from Santa Cruz de Tenerife! Hear an update on the Lancer’s journey and the next steps of the project – Watch the live video here Friday 2nd December 2:30pm.

Follow the Lancer’s journey on the map below!

See the full data set from the environmental sensors on the Educational Passages page via the button below!

Stage 3: Ocean-Climate Nexus Conference

The Ocean is changing. The climate is changing. Scientists all over the world are tracking those changes to help shape our global understanding of ‘The Ocean-Climate Nexus’.

As part of this international effort, the OCT is proud to be hosting the first Ocean-Climate Nexus Conference at the National Marine Aquarium on Friday 31st March 2023.

The conference is intended to put student voice and expression at the heart of the conversation about climate change. Through their participation in this event, young climate ambassadors and graduates of Project O.C.N. from around the world will come together as a digital and physical community to share their experiences, innovations and aspirations around climate change.

Youth Steering Committee

As part of our commitment to developing an inclusive platform for young people to learn about and communicate the science behind climate change, we would like to develop a steering committee from amongst the Project Ocean-Climate Nexus student cohort. The steering committee will play a key role in the development of the Conference in March. Full details of the opportunity to become part of this important body are due to be announced on this page later in the year.

Programme and event registration

A full programme of events will be developed and displayed on this page, along with details of event registration and links to live sessions and broadcasts.


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