At the Ocean Conservation Trust we consider ourselves ‘Ocean Optimists’ – but what does that mean, and where does that phrase come from? 

The history…

In 2014 our charity joined a group of scientists, journalists, and environmentalists on the outskirts of London where together we came up with the hashtag #OceanOptimism . 

The idea of Ocean optimism is to focus on solutions rather than problems, and on connections rather than differences.

We use this ethos in everything we do, staying away from the normal ‘doom and gloom’ narrative so often used in conservation and the media. 

We chose to focus on what can be done to support a healthy Ocean. We connect people to the solutions and empower society to focus on the positives in the current global situation. 

This connectedness and empowerment puts the choice into people’s own hands. Everyone has their part to play, and with an optimistic view and some positivity to boot, we can all make a difference for the future of our Ocean, and the animals that call it home.