Take part in a guided experience from the National Marine Aquarium, the UKs largest public Aquarium. Enjoy a fun, engaging workshop as well as a dip into the amazing local water exhibits of the NMA, all from the comfort of your own classroom!

Part one of your experience will take the form of a live, interactive workshop. We will look at the underwater world through the eyes of an Ocean Conservation Trust Seagrass Research Diver. We will use science and geography skills to complete a research map of an area of coast, discussing the interesting themes which arise through this investigation as we go. In Part two, we will visit the local water exhibits of the NMA, meeting amazing animals like octopus, conger eels and even some local water sharks.

All experiences are linked to the science curriculum and delivered by our fully trained Schools Officers, who will answer your students’ questions, and pose their own interesting questions to prompt and develop your students’ learning.

Key Information

Your interactive virtual experience of our Aquarium will include;

  • Price £120 (Including VAT)
  • 90 mins interactive experience with an education professional

Super Seagrass (KS2)

During this tour, students will:

  • Discover the amazing habitats found in our local Ocean, including the Super Seagrass which is home to the beautiful seahorse and many baby animals
  • Use mapping skills and knowledge about habitats and animals’ adaptations to complete a scientific map of the underwater world of the south coast. Our workshop will follow the process of mapping an underwater environment
  • Explore our Plymouth Sound, Eddystone and Seagrass exhibits to meet the incredible animals which call these places home. Meet our octopus, conger eel and many more characters as we look around on a mini tour

Any questions

If you would like to access this programme, please contact us via e-mail at: ReMEDIES@oceanconservationtrust.org

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