We believe that everyone should be given the chance to experience the wonders of the Ocean, no matter their age or where they live. 

Our ‘Ocean for All’ programme sees our dedicated team of Ocean Discovery Rangers working with people from all walks of life, giving them an immersive Ocean experience, with the help of innovative VR technology.

Residents in care homes, hospitals and sheltered accommodation across the country have benefited from this project and we are continuing to grow this offering to reach more people and on a national scale.

Connectedness with nature is an important part of human life. Whether people are in a care home, hospital or nursery, they deserve the same chance to enjoy the Ocean as anyone else. 

We believe that people are what makes the difference. Our Ocean needs as many supporters as possible. If our VR Ocean for all programme converts just one person into loving the Ocean, we’ve done our job well.

If you work or volunteer somewhere where your residents would enjoy a fun dose of ‘VitaminSea’ then drop our Ocean Discovery Ranges an email to arrange a visit info@oceanconservationtrust.org

If this project has brought a smile to your face, then please consider donating to our charity, enabling us to continue bringing the Ocean to everyone.