Why not consider the Ocean Conservation Trust for a charity partnership? Together, we will make a difference to the Ocean and the animals who call it home. 

Why partner with the OCT?

As a global Ocean conservation charity, we are acting now towards our vision of a healthy Ocean.

Conservation is all about people. Our team of marine biologists, educators, communicators, researchers, ecologists, oceanographers, and divers are Ocean optimists. 

We work tirelessly to connect people to the Ocean and influence pro-Ocean behaviour. Your support will have a direct impact on the Ocean, something we all rely on.

Take a look at our current partners here

A partnership with the OCT can have a great impact on your brand and the work you do. If you’d like to know more about how our charity would use your support, please contact Olly via email to discuss how we can tailor your business and CSR needs to the Ocean. 

Email: olly.reed@oceanconservationtrust.org