The essence of the Blue Meadows approach is one of cooperation to solve a critical problem and to grasp a wonderful opportunity. We would not be able to do this without the support of our partners.

An essential first step in our Blue Meadows project is our protection and regeneration programme. We are delighted that DFDS, a sea based transport company, is one of the organisations that is supporting us with our goal to protect 10% of all UK seagrass meadows over the next 5 years, that’s the size of around 700 football pitches!

At the Ocean Conservation Trust, we are all about connecting people with the Ocean, and DFDS are excellent at utilising their crossings to connect people with the Ocean through wildlife watching activities with ORCA, a marine conservation charity . They also enable scientists to conduct research at sea by sharing data collected from the ferries, which is important to help protect our Ocean. Add to this the use of sustainable fuels and onboard systems to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic species and it’s clear to see DFDS are a marine-conscious organisation.

Over the coming year we will work closely with DFDS towards our goal to protect 10% of all UK seagrass meadows.

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