By making us your charity of the year, you have the opportunity to bring your staff together to support our work to protect and restore the Ocean.

Our team will be on hand to support your fundraising needs, giving you the opportunity to volunteer your time, and showcase how your brand is supporting our charity through your communications.

Your support will directly impact our three programmes, and help us achieve our vision of a healthy, thriving Ocean.

Ocean Habitats

Seagrass is one of the most valuable habitats on the planet and used to be abundant around the UK. it is one of the worlds most endangered habitats with 90% lost in the last 100 years. Human behaviour is the main cause of loss and so we combine our tangible conservation work with our strength in people to deliver change.

Ocean Advocacy

We work tirelessly to advocate for the Ocean, creating inclusive campaigns and digital programmes, so that everyone can find their Ocean connection. We strike the right balance between society and ecology to clearly show that Ocean conservation is all about people.

Ocean Engagement

Our Ocean Experiences Programme uses education and experiences to influence perceptions of, and relationships with the Ocean, with the ultimate goal of positive, pro Ocean behaviour.

The world is becoming more aware of our impact on the Ocean, so why not support our optimistic approach to have a thriving Ocean with your business today!

If you would like to know more, please contact Jasmine using the button below, to discuss how we can tailor your business needs to the Ocean.