Ocean Literacy Survey Results 2022

18 November 2022

Take a look inside the UK’s largest seagrass nursery site!

30 June 2022

The launch of our new 700 hectare seagrass protection project

6 June 2022

Experiments at the COAST laboratory will aid in the restoration of seagrass in Plymouth Sound

10 May 2022

Supporting science, the latest research from our placement students

22 February 2022

OCT Grants: Science, Drones and Outreach

18 February 2022

Leaving no one behind | Exploring social and cultural background in Conservation

13 January 2022

A look back on 2021 for our charity

29 December 2021

An emotional approach to influencing pro-Ocean behaviour

14 December 2021

World Ocean Day – Largest ever Ocean Awareness Survey Results

8 June 2021

Ocean Conservation Trust Becomes an External Expert for International Plastic Prevention Project

9 April 2021

MSCC Statement: The Ocean in a Changing Climate

1 February 2021

We are Ocean Summit 2021 : Quotes that inspired us

29 January 2021

Ocean Literacy – A Breakdown of our Latest Review

4 January 2021

Creating Connections within a National Marine Park

11 November 2020

Advanced Mooring Systems

31 October 2020

Why we are collecting 700,000 seagrass seeds and how!

19 August 2020

First seeds planted in major habitat restoration project

29 July 2020

Research: The impact of noise pollution on shore crabs

24 April 2020

Meet our Scallop Hatchery Technician, Jessica Harvey

6 March 2020

Habitat Restoration: Our key role in the £2.5 million Life Recreation ReMEDIES habitat restoration project

10 February 2020

Habitat Restoration: Investigating coral immunology with Seeking Survivors

31 December 2019

OCT Grants: Capturing Arran’s Secret Seagrass Meadow with COAST

21 November 2019

Putting the Ocean at the centre of Plymouth primary school curriculums – and increasing Ocean literacy across the city

21 November 2019
Ocean on the curriculum

Fosu Lagoon Water Quality Monitoring Programme, Ghana

14 August 2019

10 cool facts about the King Scallop – Pecten maximus

10 August 2019

Inside our Scallop Hatchery: Ocean conservation through quality, sustainable food

24 July 2019

Searching for Shark Nurseries in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

8 July 2019