A look back on 2021 for our charity

29 December 2021

Plastic Free July: Reducing your impact on the Ocean with three simple changes

1 July 2021

The Ocean Conservation Trust teams up with Plymouth Gin and Ben Fogle to urge Brits to pick up litter from UK Beaches

24 May 2021

Exploring Biodiversity Close to Home

14 April 2021

5 Reasons Our Children Should Learn About Seagrass

17 March 2021

How can you support the Ocean Conservation Trust?

15 February 2021

The Rising Threat of PPE on our Ocean

20 January 2021

What is the UN Ocean Decade?

31 December 2020

Six ways to Make your Christmas Shopping List More Sustainable

17 December 2020

Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

15 December 2020

How Eating Less Meat Can Help Our Ocean – World Vegetarian Month

30 September 2020

3 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste During the Covid-19 Pandemic

8 September 2020

A good dose of ‘Vitamin Sea’: how Ocean exposure can boost your mental and physical well-being

3 August 2020

5 reasons we must prioritise a healthy Ocean now and not later

30 June 2020

Medicine and the Ocean

26 June 2020

How you can help the Ocean in your own home during a global pandemic

12 June 2020

Ten reasons we should ALL care about the Ocean

9 June 2020
shoal of fish

Food waste: How cutting down yours could reduce your impact on our Ocean

24 April 2020

What does Coronavirus mean for our Ocean?

24 March 2020

The true cost of fast fashion

11 March 2020

Making the more sustainable choice this National Seafood Week

10 October 2019
Suatainable fishing

Blue Shark at Plymouth Seafood Festival 2019: Our thoughts

19 September 2019

Wild Swimming: Should you consider taking the plunge?

27 August 2019

Three ways being in, on or near the Ocean can benefit you

27 August 2019

Colouring, the Ocean and Wellbeing

22 July 2019

What does climate change have to do with the Ocean – and what can you do to help?

22 July 2019

Plastic Free July: Making one change a day to create a brighter future for our Ocean

12 July 2019
Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July: Become a part of the solution to plastic pollution!

12 July 2019