Whether you stopped by for a chat or just managed to scan our QR code, we’re glad we connected, as that’s what we’re all about.

We are Ocean Optimists. Our vision is a world where the Ocean is thriving, healthy, and sustainably protected for generations to come. We will do this by INSPIRING CHANGE THROUGH CONNECTION.

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If you are able to donate, your support means that we can take our positive and optimistic solutions-based approach far and wide and make a real difference to our Ocean.

Ocean Habitats

We are working towards our vision of a healthy Ocean, and fundamental to this is our ground-breaking work protecting and restoring vital Ocean habitats. Over the past decade our focus has been on seagrasses, as they are one of the most valuable and biodiverse habitats on the planet.

Learn more about our Blue Meadows Restoration Programme here.

Ocean Experiences

We know that when people feel an emotional connection with nature, they are more likely to protect and support its future. Whether it’s a visit to our Aquarium in Plymouth, a virtual lesson for a classroom or a dip in the sea, we have a range of unique Ocean experiences to connect you with the big blue.

Learn more about our Ocean Experiences here.

Ocean Advocacy and #thinkOcean

Conservation is all about people, and we connect people with the Ocean through individual physical and emotional experiences, large-scale awareness campaigns and education initiatives, with the aim of inspiring Ocean advocacy which will in-turn lead to and promote pro-Ocean behaviour.

Learn more about Think Ocean here.

How can you help today?

Donate some swimwearOur work with local communities has shown one of the key barriers to access with Ocean is not having the right things to wear. Our Dip in the Sea campaign aims to break these barriers down, as we believe no-one should be excluded from accessing the Ocean. Keep an eye open for our donations bin at The Wave on Friday!

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We need help with everything from diving to data collection, engagement to envelop stuffing!

Take the Think Ocean Challenge and find out your #thinkocean personality! 

Ask your Council to declare Motion for the Ocean! 18 local councils in England and Wales have already declared their commitment but there is more work to be done. Make waves now!