Help us Seed the Change, 18th-25th April 2024

10 April 2024

Motion for the Ocean making waves as 25th council declares support

8 March 2024

Funding granted for Plymouth Sound National Marine Park

1 February 2024

An Ocean Friendly Christmas!

11 December 2023
Christmas gifts

Great British Wildlife Restoration Award!

29 November 2023

Journey of the Lancer

24 November 2023

Why are some marine wildlife treated differently?

22 November 2023

Secrets of the Aquarium

6 November 2023

Advanced Mooring System helping seagrass to regenerate in Cawsand Bay

24 October 2023

Ocean for All – Making the Ocean an inclusive place

14 August 2023

Summer seagrass planting for England’s largest seagrass restoration effort

31 July 2023

Restoring Seagrass in St Marys Bay

24 July 2023

All seagrass beds in Torbay protected by our Blue Meadows Project

21 July 2023

World Ocean Day for Schools 2023

1 June 2023

Hydrosphere x Ocean Conservation Trust

24 May 2023

Making waves with Ocean Edition Plymouth Gin Bottle

4 May 2023

ICONIC Project making the Ocean accessible to all

3 April 2023

Exciting new partnership launched to protect vitally important seagrass meadows

15 February 2023

Why do we need National Marine Parks in the UK?

10 January 2023

Ocean Literacy Survey Results 2022

18 November 2022

EMSEA Conference 2022

17 October 2022

Restoration efforts continue in England’s largest seagrass planting effort

5 October 2022

Motion for the Ocean swims upstream

30 September 2022

A summer of seagrass seed collection and a whole host of interesting species

8 September 2022

Conservation, marine mammal observation and VIP visits for SailGP

5 August 2022

DFDS x Ocean Conservation Trust

3 August 2022

UN Ocean Conference 2022

18 July 2022

UK’s first Blue Carbon Artist in Residence to open immersive exhibition at our Aquarium

6 July 2022

Take a look inside the UK’s largest seagrass nursery site!

30 June 2022

Our first protection and regeneration site – Falmouth

20 June 2022

The launch of our new 700 hectare seagrass protection project

6 June 2022

Young people engage with the UK’s first National Marine Park

12 May 2022

Experiments at the COAST laboratory will aid in the restoration of seagrass in Plymouth Sound

10 May 2022

Our CEO’s thoughts on the National Marine Park Activity Launch Weekend

8 April 2022

Inspiring young people to make connections with the National Marine Park

31 March 2022

England’s largest seagrass planting programme is underway in the Solent

17 March 2022

We Are Ocean: Accelerating Ocean Literacy

1 March 2022

Supporting science, the latest research from our placement students

22 February 2022

OCT Grants: Science, Drones and Outreach

18 February 2022

We are finalists in the Tourism Superstar Awards 2022!

14 February 2022

Ocean Conservation Trust Collects Seagrass Seeds for Solent Restoration Effort

16 August 2021

Helping to Create Ocean Connections in Scotland

28 July 2021

Seagrass Lessons in Schools

27 July 2021
growing plants

How can your personality help save the Ocean? #thinkocean

19 July 2021

Join Us for #thinkOcean Week

15 July 2021

Plymouth Sound to become UK’s first Marine Park

13 July 2021
snorkel Plymouth

Citizens of the Sea Webinar

6 July 2021

Ocean Literacy Webinar Series Episode 2: Revealing Results

6 July 2021
people swimming

Partnering with Sail GP to Connect Sport and Conservation

1 July 2021
Plymouth Sound

Free climate change education resources released ahead of Sail GP

17 June 2021
school class learning about climate

Charity Challenge for Seagrass Restoration

15 June 2021
beautiful coastline

Rare seahorse encounter in South West ahead of G7 summit

10 June 2021

The Ocean Conservation Trust teams up with Plymouth Gin and Ben Fogle to urge Brits to pick up litter from UK Beaches

24 May 2021

Reducing Disturbance to Wildlife this Summer

13 May 2021

Ocean Conversations Webinar – What has marine biodiversity ever done for us?

11 May 2021

Are there more marine mammals in British waters?

10 May 2021

Secrets of the Seabed Episode 4: Surprising Species of the Seabed

30 April 2021

England’s Largest Seagrass Planting Programme is Underway in Plymouth Sound

21 April 2021

Exploring Biodiversity Close to Home

14 April 2021

Ocean Conservation Trust Becomes an External Expert for International Plastic Prevention Project

9 April 2021

5 Reasons Our Children Should Learn About Seagrass

17 March 2021

Ocean Conversations with Galapagos Conservation Trust

15 March 2021

Secrets of the Seabed Episode 3: Advanced Mooring Systems – Sailing with Moor Care!

9 March 2021

How can you support the Ocean Conservation Trust?

15 February 2021

Secrets of the Seabed Episode 2: What’s so Special about these Areas of Conservation?

3 February 2021

MSCC Statement: The Ocean in a Changing Climate

1 February 2021

The Rising Threat of PPE on our Ocean

20 January 2021

Ocean Literacy – A Breakdown of our Latest Review

4 January 2021

What is the UN Ocean Decade?

31 December 2020

Our Impact in 2020

31 December 2020

2020: Year in Review

30 December 2020

Six ways to Make your Christmas Shopping List More Sustainable

17 December 2020

Eco Christmas Gift Ideas

15 December 2020

Ocean Literacy Webinar Series Episode 1: Exploring Evidence

14 December 2020

Ocean Conservation Trust awarded £250,000 Green Recovery Challenge Grant

10 December 2020

Our Support for a Natural History GCSE in the UK

4 December 2020

Secrets of the Seabed Webinar Series

18 November 2020

Creating Connections within a National Marine Park

11 November 2020

AXA Coral Live Lessons hosted by Ocean Conservation Trust

6 November 2020

MATES Report

5 November 2020

Advanced Mooring Systems

31 October 2020

5 Things We Should All Know About Seagrass

20 October 2020