We’re proud to have some fantastic individuals on our Board of Trustees who give up their valuable time to help guide the future of Ocean conservation. 

Mark Lomas (Chairman of the Board of Trustees)

Mark is a solicitor practicing commercial law and Chairman of a large UK law firm.  He was first appointed as a Trustee of the Ocean Conservation Trust in April 2017.

He has lived and worked in the West Country for over thirty years and has always had a keen interest in the conservation of our Oceans and aquatic life.

“One of the first books I can recall from school was a beautifully illustrated work about the Great Barrier Reef. I was transfixed. I suspect this is where the fascination started.  It’s not just about brightly coloured fish in exotic seas far away. Whilst we have real treasures closer to home too, the more fundamental point is that the health of our Oceans is vitally important to all of us.  We all need to take care of them, now and for future generations. I am convinced the way to do this is through education and providing inspiring facilities (such as ours) plus expert insight and advocacy to encourage positive change.  We can all do our bit, however large or small. When I had the opportunity to become a Trustee I could see the ambition, dedication and talent within the organisation. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of trying to make a difference with them? So, I would encourage everyone, whatever your age and wherever you are, to get involved with the work of the Ocean Conservation Trust. Come and join us, you can make a difference”.

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Ken Lewins

Ken is a Partner at Foot Anstey and has been a Trustee of The Ocean Conservation Trust for over 4 years, having chaired our Operations Board during that time. Living in Plymouth with three young children, Ken is passionate about our ocean, how we interact with it and the legacy we leave behind for future generations which is why he became a Trustee.

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Ian McFadzen

Ian’s career began in Plymouth as a research scientist investigating novel biological tests to monitor pollution and developing cryopreservation techniques for the aquaculture industry. He has studied stress in larval fish on a range of European based collaborative programmes, both in the laboratory and at sea.  Ian also has considerable experience studying the early life stages of economically important shellfish.

Ian has established two biotechnology based businesses in Plymouth and spent 10 years at the University of Plymouth; heading up the Marine Innovation Centre and as Commercial Director in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Ian is currently the Chief Executive Officer at the Plymouth Science Park and recognises the value of Plymouth’s marine research expertise. It is Ian’s enthusiasm and passion for marine science that underpin his desire to be a Trustee.  Ian believes the Ocean Conservation Trust can be a key driving force to stimulate collaboration and contribute towards conserving our oceans for future generations.

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Martin Attrill

Martin Attrill is Professor of Marine Ecology at the University of Plymouth and has been working for 30 years to understand patterns of life in our oceans, and how human activity impacts those patterns.

His research over the last decade has been particularly focused on marine conservation and how we can manage and restore our seas, in particular the role of Marine Protected Areas and, more recently, National Marine Parks. Throughout his career, Martin has been a passionate advocate for the oceans and believes we should provide the opportunity to as many people as possible to experience the wonders of our seas, find out about the extraordinary life beneath the waves and how we can manage, conserve and restore marine systems.

As part of this he has set up several degrees in marine biology, including the latest – MSc in Marine Conservation on which the OCT is a partner – which aims to produce the next generation of marine conservation practioners.

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Jerry Roberts

Jerry Roberts is Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Enterprise at the University of Plymouth. He is a Molecular Biologist who has undertaken research for many years on aspects of plant development including responses to environmental stress. He is delighted to be a member of the Board of Trustees and brings his experience to help understand how plants, particularly those growing in the oceans and the shorelines, can help us mitigate the effects of global challenges such as climate change.

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If your skills and experience could be used to support our charity in its important mission and you would like to talk to us about joining our Board of Trustees, please send us an email to introduce yourself via info@oceanconservationtrust.org